Comments About The Original Site
                   Which Debuted in 1998

--Hong Kong


"...one of the most user friendly interfaces on the net..."

"...an excellent self-access resource for useful information..."

"...an essential indispensable part of my English classes...full of resources...updated by a knowledgeable site owner...
one of the main reasons
students love my classes..."


"...a must site for independent thinkers and learners...like having your own private university ..."

"...very informative and easy to use..."

"...would you mind if I give your webpage address to colleagues
here in Switzerland? I am a
regional coordinator for
the English Teachers
Association in Switzerland...
I know they would be thrilled...!"


Cited as one of the best portals on the net for real world, educational information

         Schackne Online debuted in 1998 as a resource site for students with limited access to research facilities. The site originally consisted of four pages serving education, business, and communications majors at the University of Macao. During the next four years it developed into a designer portal site delivering up to thirty pages of resources in areas ranging from cooking to sports, later to return to its core mission of focusing on educational-informational resources. Most recently, the site has been modified to serve as the personal home page of Steve Schackne, its creator, who still offers a wide variety of internet resources for life long learners.

              Steve Schackne has spent over 25 years in the fields of education and linguistics. In addition to teaching, his background includes teacher training, program administration, and online-distance learning. He was educated at Deerfield Academy, the University of North Carolina and the State University of New York.

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